Case Study

Pilkington Glass £400,000.00

Pilkington Glass £400,000.00

Location: St Helens

Project Date: April 2013

Pilkington Glass £400,000.00

Our Brief

Pilkington Glass £400,000.00
Pilkington Glass £400,000.00

Our brief:

Jennor [UK] Ltd have been fortunate enough to work with Pilkington’s Glass, creating their brand new production line at their St. Helens, Merseyside premises.

How we inspired:

Jennor [UK] Ltd provided the new monoblock hygenic office and production modules, including their control room, acoustic booth and transformer room.

The works involved the construction of the new modules blocks, in conjunction with all the electrics, ventilation, plumbing and air-conditioning. Jennor [UK] Ltd provide the specialist work benches, furniture and all the finishes – strictly in accordance with Pilkington’s requirements.

The result:

Pilkington’s Glass now has a state of the art production line, with the specialist facilities constructed by Jennor.