The Football Pools

Project Brief:

Jennor UK Limited were delighted to be appointed as the design and installation lead for The Football Pools’ (formerly Littlewoods Pools) upon their Walton H.Q. on the outskirts of Liverpool.

Being such iconic & historic national treasure, they decided that their small and dull Reception area ‘dated’ and in drastic need of expansion and a remodelling more in line with their Online ‘gaming’ presence & experience.

Designed completely in-house by Jennor, we tripled the size of their original Reception, installed a new Visitors Toilet Block, reimagined an adjacent Meeting Room, supplied and installed 15 No. frameless 75” LED T.V.’s into a massive Videowall (which can display one Picture or 15 individual frames) and finished off by supplying an enviable selection of Full-Sized Replica Football Trophies.

We were also asked to modernise their 400 yard long centre staff Corridor that had become stuck in the 1970’s and untouched (bar a few frames photos) over the previous 40 years, we did this by renewing the existing ceiling with Sky Daylight Panels which now brings the ‘Outside-Inside’ to the long thoroughfare that is unfortunately not party to any natural light.

Jennors’ works consisted of the following:-

  • Decanting (and setting up a temporary) Reception Area to another side of the Building whilst our works were underway.
  • Complete strip-out of their existing fabric and M&E installations.
  • Knocked down the Front Wall (installing sizable Steelwork) to install a new Glazed Feature Entrance complete with D.D.A. requirements, c/w bespoke frosted Manifestations.
  • Installed new glazed & frosted panels and Doors c/w LED inserts fitted within the casings.
  • Installed a new Visitor Toilet Block
  • New purposely designed featured ceiling including Company Logo shaped acoustic baffles, all individually lined with colour changing L.E.D.’s …. With a number also cleverly containing A.C. outlets.
  • New bespoke Floor Coverings.
  • Purpose built Videowall which can display one Picture or 15 individual frames.
  • Purpose built display cabinets containing colour changing L.E.D. lighting.
  • New furniture including a bespoke Reception Desk doubling as a Video wall Control Base
  • Full Size replica English, European and World Football trophies, sourced from all four corners of the Globe.
  • New (Double) glazed fire-rated Corridor Doorset with c/w bespoke frosted Manifestations.
  • Complete gutting of aged central staff corridor.
  • Installation of new Suspended Ceiling including duel span featured Skylights to create external daylight indoors to offer a greater sense of Staff wellbeing.
  • Installation of new (Single) glazed fire-rated Corridor Doors c/w bespoke frosted Manifestations.

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