Case Study

The Royals - £170,000.00

The Royals - £170,000.00

Location: Manchester

The Royals - £170,000.00

Our Brief

The Royals - £170,000.00
The Royals - £170,000.00

Carrying out this complete Office remodelling/repurposing for specialist insurance company ‘Ripe’, we knew from the start that the design they wanted was completely ‘leftfield’ for their work stream, which is exactly the type of undertaking we thrive on!

Starting with an open plan and bland canvas, we created a vibrant and exciting workspace and breakout areas which would be more in keeping with the ‘Googles’ of this world that we’ve been informed, never fails to receive a favourable comment from new staff and Visitors alike.

Jennor supplied and installed the following:-

•Complete strip-out of their existing fabric installations.
•Decanting staff into three alternating areas of the office so as not to impact on their working day.
•We installed new Walls & Partitions (traditional Drylining and featured glazed screens).
•New Floor Coverings throughout.
•A new reception area.
•A selection of bespoke meeting booths.
•A wide array of furniture including faux Deckchairs and bench seating to the new Canteen area.
•New Doors, Frames & Ironmongery Sets.
•New Lighting throughout the area.
•Specific Client requested feature furniture such as a Pool Table and old Telephone Booth.
•New Signage.
Full decoration to complete our works