6th Floor Venus Building

Project Brief:

When Jennor were asked in the Summer of 2020, if we would be interested in assisting the Peel Group relocate from their historic base in The Dome (Trafford Centre) to a beautiful Building opposite, The Venus Building …. we didn’t hesitate in accepting a place on their highly select Bid List. Jennor UK worked hand in hand with the pre-selected M. + E. Contractor (and a number of others) to ensure that this prestigious project was delivered on time and within budget for one of our most cherished Clients . Although the vast majority of the Fit-Out had been pre-designed, Jennor UK were also, upon request, charged with designing and building their new Kitchen on site for the use and enjoyment of the incoming staff.

Jennor UK were tasked with the following works:-

  • Strip-out of existing Fixtures and Fittings.
  • Repairs to existing Raised Flooring.
  • Installation of Standard Partitions.
  • Installation of Acoustic Partitioning.
  • Installation of ‘full height’ Komfort Acoustic Glazed Screens and ‘Sonik’ Doors.
  • Install Movable Partitions ‘Dorma’ Type c/w Acoustic Baffles.
  • The Supply and Installation of V-TEC Timber Walls.
  • Installation of various height Stub Walls c/w Stiffening Posts.
  • The Supply and Installation Doorsets, Frames and Ironmongery.
  • New Plastering where required.
  • Selection of 4No. Types of Flooring inc. Level-Set Woodgrain, Composure, Near & Far Mix and Human Nature.
  • M.F. Ceiling installation where necessary.
  • V-TEC Ceiling Detaining.
  • tandard 600 mm x 600 mm & 600 mm x 1200 mm Tile & Grid Ceiling.
  • Skirting & Architraves.
  • Full Redecoration inc. Emulsion, Gloss, Vinyl and Various Wallpapers.
  • New D & B Kitchen Area.
  • Citing and installing Large previously purchased Reception Desk.

The Result

Although Jennor UK have worked for Peel (L. & P.) before, being chosen to ‘Fit-Out’ and Model their new offices (the whole of the sixth floor plate) located in The Venus Building, was an mighty honour. We truly believe that the quality of this fit-out should demonstrate how much Jennor UK have evolved over the past 3 / 4 years, from a perceived mid-range Interiors Specialist into a market leader known and used by nationally recognised Brands and blue-chip Real Estate Agents alike.

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