A Modern Office Should Be As Functional As It Is Creative And Pleasing To Look At

The right office fit out can help your business be more productive and promote better collaboration, not to mention make employees excited about coming to work in the morning.

At Jennor we specialise in fitting out your office to meet the needs of your business so you can spend more time working in a way that suits you, rather than fitting your work patterns around your office.

With a full team of in-house designers, fitters, installers and engineers available, we can deliver every aspect of your office fit out in Nottingham, from concept and design, to final installations.

You’ll also have a dedicated project manager who’ll keep you updated with the progress of your project and who’ll ensure everything is complete on-time, and within budget.

If you need your team to stay in the office during the fit out, no problem, we can work around you.

Take a look at some of our previous projects to see what we can do for your office fit out.

Office Fit Out Nottingham - Jennor UKOffice Fit Out Nottingham - Jennor UK

Commercial Fit Outs In Nottingham

A commercial office fit out is more than installing cables, knocking down walls or redecorating with new furniture.

For your office fit out to benefit your business going forward, it’s important we understand how you need your office to work so we can design and create something that makes your business better.

Whether you want to create more open or collaborative spaces, or reconfigure your layout of desks, we can help.

Our expert team is available to walk you through the entire office fit out process and manage the project from start to finish, ensuring you get the office you want, without the hassle of juggling work schedules.

Office Fit Out Nottingham - Jennor UK

Expert Office Fit Outs Nottingham

By working with Jennor for your Nottingham office fit out you get access to all the skills and expertise you need under one roof.

From design to installation, we hire all the skills we need in-house which means you don’t have to worry about dealing with multiple workmen or points of contact.

Your Jennor project manager will organise your team and ensure you get the office you want.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients in the past fit out an office that benefits their business and makes employees happy to come in every day.

Our team is always on hand and will work closely with you every step of the way to make sure you always know where your project is up to, so you can just focus on assigning desk space.

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An office fit out can revitalise an outdated workspace and make employees feel happy and inspired to come into work.

It doesn’t matter if you simply want to reconfigure your desk space and need some help with the electronic installations, or if you’re planning a complete fit out for a new space, our team is available to get you through the project and create a perfect office space for your team.

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Office Fit Out In Nottingham - Jennor UKOffice Fit Out In Nottingham - Jennor UK

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